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An all-in-one solution to accurately detecting fever in any person.

The ixTherm C-TYPE camera unit can be deployed to any pole mounting to scan for high temperature in any passing person. The unit reads and has the ability to record live body temperatures and instantly alerts to any potential fever risk at a rate of up to 30 people per second.

Designed with businesses in mind, the ix Therm C-TYPE is easy to mount, connects to power and operates as a completely standalone fever detection system.


A truly cost-effective solution to the protection of your staff, customers, visitors or students.

Buy online today from £3,280 or lease from £17.50 per week*

ixTherm Fever Detection & Screening

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Benefits For Your Business



✔️ Always active - Reading & recording temperatures from all passers-by. Ideal for any level of footfall

✔️ No operator required - As soon as it's on it get's to work. The ixTherm C-Type will alert you if a high fever is detected

✔️ Audible & visual alerts - Get audible alerts & mobile app notifications whenever a high temperature is detected

✔️ Cost effective - No need for an operator to manage the camera which you can lease from £17.50 per week*

✔️ Fully redeployable - Easily relocated from one location to another (when used with one of our accessories), maximising the benefits for your business

✔️ Industry Standard Software - User friendly, industry standard software makes this ixTherm easy to own and operate - Licence free

✔️ Smart connectivity - Connects to your local broadband via the onboard ethernet port

✔️ Redeployable system - When used in conjunction with the C-Type stand, the unit can be wheeled to a new location quickly and easily

✔️ Better for productivity - By not requiring an operator, your staff can get on with their regular tasks while the ixTherm C-Type takes care of monitoring for fever. A true all-in-one solution.




The ixTHERM C-Type is designed to be robust, and hygienic by requiring no contact during operation. Accurately reading human body temperature without prompt, the units features include:

✔️ Instant Fever Detection

Reads and records the body temperature of every passer by instantly

✔️ Rapid Redeployment

Can be wall or pole mounted in almost any location, or use the stand with wheels to deploy the camera

✔️ Audible & Visual Alerts

Audible alerts at the camera unit and mobile phone notifications for staff when fever is detected


✔️ Mobile App Notifications

Managers get a notification via mobile app when a high fever is detected


✔️ Full Colour HD Thermal CCTV

Provides instant fever detection & records clear, full colour, time & date-stamped footage & data

✔️ Always Active

The standalone ixTherm C-Type continuously monitors & records, actively seeking fever-like temperatures

Included features of the ixTherm C-Type B Fever Screening Camera


With customers and staff seeking the assurance that they are safe from fever transmission, the ixTHERM C-Type provides an all-in-one solution.

Mounted at or near the entrance of your premises, no person can pass the unit without being accurately screened for temperature. The built-in fever screening camera requires no contact from any party and immediately alerts the person and any member(s) of staff should a high temperature be detected. Appropriate action can then be taken to avoid contaminating others.

This simple, effective and fast response to fever screening at your property ensures others on site that any potential fever risks are minimised.

Invite staff, customers and visitors in to your commercial property safely with our rapid deployable fever detection system.


Fever Detecting CCTV Camera

The fever detection camera unit has an array of features built-in, designed to make it a comprehensive solution for commercial temperature screening.

  • Full colour fever detecting CCTV camera
  • Pole, wall*, ceiling* or stand* mountable
  • Network video recorder and hard drive*
  • Ethernet or 4G* connectivity
  • Redeployable design
  • Easy mounting and deployment
  • IP rated unit for safe indoor or outdoor^ use
  • Completely standalone fever screening unit or connects directly to existing systems

^Environmental conditions may impact accuracy. *Optional item depending on unit version. See all buying options


All-In-One: Configured & ready to operate upon delivery

Plug & Play: Unplug, unmount and relocate in minutes

Set-Up: Fast, professional remote initial set-up

Our Service: Professional, on-hand support for users

Us: Proudly designed, manufactured & distributed in the UK

You: 3 year comprehensive warranty


The ixTherm C-Type B is designed to be robust and flexible by including an array of optional features to suit your commercial requirements:


Floor stand, wall mount or pole mounting fitments for best positioning


Need to record footage and data? Choose a 2, 4 or 8 Terrabyte hard drive



Onboard ethernet connection or add a 4G sim card for remote deployment



Gain extra height from a pole mount using up to a 2 meter pole extension



Own and deploy the ixTHERM C-Type B fever detection unit at your property with prices from £17.50* per week, with fast approval from our panel of blue chip leasing providers because we know how important it is that you get your staff back to work safely and efficiently.


Commercial customers can lease the camera unit which provides a cost-effective solution to protecting your business and people, all for one low, tax efficient monthly payment.


Our convenient leasing facility allows you to acquire the camera quickly with an affordable outlay, with leasing options over periods between 1 and 5 years. Monthly leasing costs can be customised to include optional extras including a unique deployment stand, pole extension, wall mounting bracket and additional hard drive capacity.



We will deliver your equipment directly to you, promptly and securely from our head office and manufacturing facility in Coventry.

You'll receive your equipment within days of ordering and it will arrive configured and ready to be deployed.

Delivery will be made via our own commercial vehicles.

Some additional remote setup may need to be done by us - In this instance we will remotely set up your equipment using the in-built remote assistance service to ensure that your camera unit is ready to be used the same day.

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